Laws and Principles


The Quality or Principle

The Law

The Synthesis of
the Law & Quality

A principle is a quality that heals, redeems and unifies A law is a set of guide lines that gives structure, and facilitates growth A flourishing society recognises and lives these qualities and values
Goodwill is a quality that is like sunshine, when goodwill is present people respond positively to its warmth with kindness and cooperation.  It is a creative energy. Right Human Relations thrive within a climate of understanding and a commitment to the common good.  A living-wisdom is needed when we work together for the best values & outcomes [The word ‘right’ here means the goal or purpose.] I recognise that the other exists and I take this into my considerations before choosing to act. 
Considered from 21 February  20 April each year. Download. Considered from 21 December  20 February each year. Download.
Unanimity is the union of the whole achieved through the qualities of the soul in daily relationships. This self-realising life-style leads to a group culture that is inclusive and transformative. Group Endeavour means working together and making creative use of mutual qualities.  This ability to work with a common purpose as a team member demonstrates the strength of the collective and interdependence of all. I am quality, the other is quality and we unify our diverse qualities and co-create new solutions and understanding. 
Considered from 21 June  20 August each year. Download. Considered from 21 April – 20 June each year. Download.
Essential Divinity is the deepest innate nucleus of our being. It is the fire of the One Life. It is the nutritive centre of silence that is the goal of consciousness for individuals and humanity. Spiritual Approach is a gradual and subtle transformational process. We acquire our personal wisdom through the experiences of daily living. This developing wisdom brings us closer to our inner spiritual source and that of all beings.

I am. I am pure essence. I am one with all beings. Synthesis.

Considered from the 21 October – 20 December each year. Download. Considered from from 21 August – 20 October each year. Download.


The Sundial House Group is a UK-based internationally active registered charity that is apolitical, non-profit making, and non-denominational, and recognises the equality of all peoples.

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