CEPAZ - Brazil - Photo Journal 2012

An Inter Group for Creative Meditation Adventure - Sharing the Light

Brazil is a fertile, vibrant country marked by beautiful varied and colourful countryside with people to match.  Sao Paulo is a city that never sleeps.  Traffic noise rises and falls throughout every 24 hours. Its local weekday street market moves daily from place to place.  Each of its stalls was full to over flowing with fresh produce that was beautifully and artistically displayed.

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This inter group work began with the weekly Wednesday 11 April evening CEPAZ meditation and study meeting held in the heart of Sao Paulo.  Members of CEPAZ and the local Campinas Group and the Sundial House Group representative then met for a three day retreat in a small country hotel called Figueira Grande.  The theme of the working weekend was an exploration of individual and group embodiment of the Laws & Principles of Everyday Living which was achieved through group meditation, discussion and bodywork.

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Elisa Campos of CEPAZ and Janet Derwent of the Sundial House Group attended by invitation the 7.30am Monday 16 April morning meditation meeting that is held every two weeks at the Cenre of Psychosynthesis in Sao Paulo by Andree Samuel. 

An open public meeting was held on Tuesday evening 17 April  where the history of the founding of The Group for Creative Meditation in the 1950's was shared as an illustrated talk.  The presentation began with the idea that inspired this Roberto Assagioli project.  And journeyed through the last 59 years to the present day.  The work of the international correspondence courses of Creative Meditation & the Worldwide Service Activity offered by the Sundial House Group were discussed.

On the evening of Wednesday 18 April a mini-workshop was presented at the Centre of Psychosynthesis on the theme of Group Endeavour and Unanimity.

A rich and energetic intergroup alliance was established during this April 2012 visit that linked not only the members of CEPAZ and Sundial House but also included the Psychosynthesis Centre in Sao Paulo, Meditation Mount in America and The Community of Living Ethics in Italy.  It was an adventure that has gifted a legacy  of rich and beautiful memories and a group experience that demonstrates practically the synthesis of this worldwide movement for peace, goodwill and right relations.