Residing in the Now

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Hidden Treasure by Nicholas Roerich
A Sundial House Group Sponsored Event    
               'Residing in the Now'           
Taking Up Residence within Our Own Space

Saturday 20 April 2013
Whatlington Village Hall TN33 0NE
Before we can make a positive contribution to this challenging world and the circumstances we find ourselves in, we must first endeavour to know who we are.  This is more fundamental than what we do.  Through dance and clay work we will unpeel the outer layers of our "social" selves to find our deeper authenticity.
The Sundial House Sponsored Workshop will be an experiential exploration of our inner sense of being within a time of rapid change and uncertainty.  This work shop is highly recommended as the facilitator is Rosie Manton.
About the Workshop Facilitator

Rosie Manton is a well-known and highly regarded group facilitator. Throughout her life she has yearned to inspire people of all ages to be the finest individuals they can be.  Rosie has trained extensively here in the UK in Creative Dance and Art Work. She has also worked with Gabrielle Roth in the USA training in dancing as a 'Path to Soul'.  She also trained in America with Stanislav Grof in Holotropic Breath Work.  Rosie is fascinated by Spiritual Energence, which is the Universal yearning to find meaning and satisfaction in life, and recognises that this yearning is carried in the body and in movement.  Each discipline has brought her closer to her goal and she brings all of her skills to bear in this essential task.

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