The Italian Summer Retreat – Cultivating the Soul’s Radiance

italy 2013

The Community of Living Ethics, Cittá della Pieve, Umbria, Italy 2013

Where do soul journeys begin? When and where do we each start our dance with the energies that unite us? Arriving to begin our work together on Sunday 28 had a quality of the Wise Wo/Men travelling from afar to meet at a time & place for a special opportunity, as the celestial twinkle of a ‘Star Gateway’ on the 29 July - enveloped us in its energetic light-body. []

The week’s work was dedicated to the service of Creative Meditation of Everyday Living. We explored and experienced the livingness of the six transformational laws and qualities that are the foundation of the new culture and new civilisation. Silence and inner stillness was the theme throughout the week. We cultivated this awareness as we moved from one experiential encounter to another. In this way we attentively realigned and readjusted with our spiritual core and strove to hold the meditative approach throughout each day with everything that we encountered. This ability brought a deepening sensitivity to the individual and the group work. The field wisdom generated became expansive and inclusive.

Our striving to follow the upward life and make it practically relevant within the week enabled the group field to become dynamically open hearted, accepting and healing. As well as healing in the present it also extended far into the past, with the promise of new opportunities for the future. This healing quality of our work was surprising – inclusive, compassionate and tender. It then radiated out into the community and further. We were all graced by these blessings. Participants began to shine with an inner light. There was much laugher and joy.

The radiance of the group soul shone through and vitalised the etheric bodies of each of us and it did light up the surroundings with its power to redeem, heal and uplift. This was a retreat that was full of delights – evenings of sacred dancing filled with laughter, a beautiful concert ‘Canti E Ritmi D’Oriente – Inni Sacri’ & ‘Canti D’Amore E Del Destina’, star gazing wonders, an evening of piano playing by Davide Osellame & impromptu dancing by the group, a daytime visit to Cortona, and an evening in Cittá della Pieve for an ice cream treat.

Here is the outcome of our week's work, culminating in an art review which we shared with the artist and now with you.

Each of us has returned home nourished and nurtured by the retreat experience. Its’ healing and light-touch-magic is still working within and around us. Even the heavens conspired to grace our efforts to live and anchor a rich, relevant and meaningful experience of the six laws and principles of everyday living – soul infusing personalities really responded to and danced with this soul-light as it touched us – & graces our families, societies, nations and humanity. < BACK

italy 2013