Rome Conference 2012

Italy - Community Visit & International Rome Conference

An inter - creative meditation group conference which members of the Sundial House Group attended was held on 15 - 17 June 2012.  The meeting took place in the Hall of Culture set in the beautiful countryside of Citta della Pieve.  The Centre is set within landscpes of outstanding natural beauty.  The sounds of cuckoos calling across wooded hills, along with the intermittent drumming of woodpeckers active within the trees graced the early mornings.  Fireflies, shooting stars and the wonderful canopy of the starry sky filled the heart with joy in the evenings.

Pictures 407a Pictures 372aapartments within the community

The international gathering of group members met and shared ideas and discussed new ways of supporting the growth of the creative meditation work within this beautiful environment.  The three days were filled with rich and energetic exchanges.  New and old connections were made which added to and fortified the group experience.

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The International Psychosynthesis 2012 Rome Conference

This International Psychosynthesis gathering was the first to be held in twelve years and as a consequence five hundred and fifty people attended. Three members of the International Association for Creative Meditation  presented a workshop entitled 'The Science of Creative Meditation'.  During the three hours we worked experientially sharing the basic concepts of creative meditation and the six laws and principles of everyday living which are foundational to the establishment of right human relations through goodwill and synthesis.  Time was devoted to considering these six natural laws and qualities as 'seed ideas'.  Exchanges between individuals and small groups enriched and deepened the group's understanding.  A guided creative meditation on this theme lead to the building of a mandala of the six pointed star which represented these laws and qualities.  The energies touched and worked with were finally radiated as a group blessing to the Rome Conference and out into the World.

The talks, workshops and working groups offered at this conference were rich and diverse.  The common theme emerging during the event being the need for psychosynthesis to find its place of service within the new demands of these muddled and chaotic times as the current needs are great and varied.   < BACK

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