Meditation Mount - Journal - 2011

An International Group for Creative Meditation  Meeting

Meditation Mount - Californian - Journal - 2011


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Members of this International Meeting of Groups for Creative Meditation came from The Community of Living Ethics in Italy,  CEPAZ from Sao Paulo Brazil, The Sundial House Group from UK and  from Meditation Mount who hosted this event in early September 2011. During the visit group members visited surrounding places of interest. Here they are seen visiting the Theosophical Society in Ojai.  During this visit a link was discovered between Krotona in Ojai and the Pythagoras Mystery School of Crotona in Italy.

 one pathway leading to an open archwayThe recently consecrated Peace Garden within the grounds of Meditation Mount is the beautiful setting.  It invites a walking meditation.  The circular doorway seen here symbolises the entrance into the 'Way of Silence'.  Stones, carved with the six Laws and Principles have been energised with acts of dedicated ritual and serve as 'Way Markers'. These touchstones are set at recollecting points within the garden and their presence invites a reconnection with all that is sacred, all that gives meaning and value within the busy-ness of everyday living.

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 Group members spent time together site-seeing during the mornings, lunching in local places of  choice and working together as a creative meditation group during the afternoons.  The evenings were given over to presentations from the three centres that gave a glimpse of their history of the work and their present day service activities.

The final evening presentation took place on Friday 9 September 2011 and marked the end of this visit and the beginning of an on-going inter-group alliance dedicated to the use and sharing of the Group for Creative Meditation as a service activity. 

lunching togethersitting in a cool auditorium preparing to work togethera group photo at the end of the evening