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Sundial House 2017 Program


The Sundial Centre is located in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is surrounded by ancient woodlands that have been worked for over 400 years. Sedlescombe village is set close to the historic seaside towns of Rye and Hastings and within easy reach of the well known market towns of Battle and Cranbrook.



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A Sundial Creative Meditation Retreat

'The 7 Rays - An intriguing research of the roots of your life energies'

Friday 30 June - Sunday 2 July 2017

At Sundial Centre, TN33 0PF, East Sussex

Facilitator:  Francesco Viglienghi

Starting 4.30pm Friday 30 June until 4.00pm Sunday 2 July 

Non-Residential Cost £95  or  Residential Cost £175  

A Ray can be a prinicple of limitation, as well as endowing specific capabilities and qualities.  It governs the method of a person's inter-relations with other people and to life in general, and is largely responsible for their reactions, preferences, strengths and weaknesses under differing circumstances.

 Indeed what we are going to discover in this workshop is that these seven main streams of fundamental energies combine themselves in order to build the basic structure of our being. As a house is made of numberless combinations of different materials and forms, so our being is generated at this energetic level by seven distinct and recognnizable streams of energy.  

How can knoweldge of this subtle reality be useful and even important in our everyday life?  Join us to explore this question, experientially and theoretically in this Seven Rays Retreat facilitated by Francesco Viglienghi, who trained with Sergio Bartoli the founder of The Community of Living Ethics in Italy.

Book to secure a place and avoid disappointment.    


 'Every step of the way has to be carved out by a man himself, and there is no short or easy road out of darkness and into light.' - DK 

Creative Meditation - The Sundial House Group Program for 2017

Click here for the new 2017 Program
The events and workshops offered throughout the year have been and are founded on the creative meditation work and service related to one of the six natural laws and principles that are foundational to establishing a new ethical society.  Applications are now being received for the 2017-8 correspondence training in creative meditation.  This training  is highly regarded internationally as a service activity known as 'Creative Meditation on the Laws and Principles of Everyday Living.' 
The program for 2017 is as follows:
  • A Sundial Centre Retreat 10 - 12 February 'Relationship is Everything - Everything is Relationship'  -  FULLY BOOKED
  • A Creative Meditation Retreat - At the School of Huber Astrology, Barcelona, Spain - 31 March - 2 April - FULLY BOOKED
  • 'The 7 Rays - An intriguing research of the roots of your life energies' - 30 June - 2 July 
  • A Sundial Centre One Day Creative Meditation Intensive: The When.  The Where.  And The Why For? - Saturday 29 July
  • An Italian Creative Meditation Retreat 'The Creative Art of Living - Responding to the Touch of the Soul' - 13 - 19 August
  • An Experiential Introduction to the 7 Rays through Astologica Psychology - 3 - 5 November

Spiral Dynamics

Rosemary Wilkie
Rosemary Wilkie 
has written 6 introductory papers on Spiral Dynamicsi linking this new group psychology with the Laws and Principles of Everyday Living.  [Read these papers here]

Roberto Assagioli Talks

A selection of Roberto Assagioli talks sourced from the Sundial House Archives.

Roberto Assagioli gave talks to gatherings of the Creative Meditation Group Members at the Summer Meetings held at Sundial House.  These five talks are sourced from the archive materials and make very interesting listening.

  • Five RA Talks – August 1969
  • Silence
  • Fear & The Unconscious
  • Love & Will
  • The Geography of the Inner Worlds

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