Training Course in Creative Meditation

sunbursttraining course in creative meditation


Creative Meditation is founded in the recognition that everything originates within the forming fields of thought.

Meditation is an ancient spiritual practice.  There is a wide and varied selection of meditative approaches.

A simple description of meditation is that it is focused, attentive thinking.  Fundamentally meditation is a transformational practice that brings the soul into relationship with its personality.  It is a gradual process that brings about a refreshing attitude to one's inner and outer life.  Soul consciousness can be considered as a field of evolving personal wisdom that is acquired through daily living. 

Creative Meditation is an approach that uses our innate skills to imagine, plan and develop positive ideas and projects with the intention of bringing them into being.  The Group for Creative Meditation works with the six natural qualities and values of the soul that are foundational to the establishment of goodwill and right relations.  'Right' here is taken to mean a common purpose, intention and goal that benefits the Whole.

In The Three Year Training Course in Creative Meditation

The study papers are posted out at two monthly intervals beginning on 21 December of each year.

EachStudent works with support and encouragement

The Basic Skills covered in the first year include: Concentration, Reflective Meditation, Receptive Meditation, Visualisation & the Creative use of the Imagination, Radiation and Blessing.

Years 2 and 3 build on the above, focusing on care in meditation and techniques for personal and planetary renewal.

Students throughout the world focus on six seed ideas also known as the Laws and Principles of the Soul during the year giving two months to each.

The Laws and Principles are:

  • Right Human Relations & Goodwill
  • Group Endeavour & Unanimity
  • Spiritual Approach & Essential Divinity [view home page tabulation]

Applications are received throughout the year [Contact Sundial Centre and register an interest]. The new annual cycle of work begins on 21 December each year and a charge is made for the course, these details are given on application. This forthcoming Correspondence Course beginning on 21.12.18 is now receiving applications

The next round of work begins on 21 December 2018 and is now FULL



“The problem of the individual is also the world’s problem, they are not two separate and distinct processes. . . . You are the repository of all humanity. You are the world and world is you. And, if there is a radical transformation in the structure of an individual’s psyche, it will affect the whole consciousness of man.” - Kristnamurti