Sundial Centre Retreat - Astrological Psychology


Himalayas  by Nicholas Roerich

A Sundial Centre Retreat November 2017

'The 7 Rays - An Introduction through Astrological Psychology'

Friday 3 November to Sunday 5 November 2017 

At the Sundial Centre, Sedlescombe, East Sussex

Registering: Friday from 3.30pm for a 4.30pm start until 2.00pm on Sunday 

Facilitators:  Geraldine Dayton & Janet Derwent

Residential £175 or Non-Residential £95

price includes full board, refreshments, vegetarian lunches & dinners - make arrangements for you own special dietary needs

Astrological psychology is a powerful tool for develoing self-awareness and spiritual growth.  It encourgaes us to take full responsibility for ourselves and our actions and can highlight where we are in life.  It also offers useful insights and information about the psychological stages we travel through during our lifetime.  

Using our Natal charts to indicate the possible Rays, we will explore the basics of the seven rays through Huber Astrology.  During this experiential weekend together, we will creatively meditate with the qualities and values of the rays and work experimentally.  We will develop our observational, reflective and diagnostic skills by proposing a ray analysis of selected case studies.  The focus will be on developin a basic understanding of the Seven Rays and not on an in-depth astrological interpretation of our Charts.

As part of this retreat we will be working with our own natal chart.  For your natal chart to be prepared in advance ready for the weekend, please send your date of birth, the time and place of your birth when booking.  If you do not have th ime, a midday chart can be drawn for you, or if someone has told you you were born around a certain time, this can be used but these charts will not, of course, give you accurate information.  Astrological psychology is used not to predict the future but as an indicator for how and when to work positively with the opportunities that the Life of the Soul creates for its personality in this life's adventure.

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