The Six Natural Laws and Principles of the Soul

‘Lives are changed primarily by reflections;
qualities are developed by directed conscious thought;
characteristics are unfolded by brooding consideration.’

Our personalities are uniquely ours. They are made of component parts with which we are familiar. We have a physical body; we have emotions, feelings and a wish life. We also have a mind that is trainable and can be managed to focus attentively on subjects and concepts that we choose. We have the capacity to be touched by the beauty and wonder of nature that surrounds.

We function within groups, often without realising the interdependence that relates each of us, one with another. Together whether we realise it or not we are interdependent and functioning as an evolving field of consciousness. There is no conformity or uniformity. There is, however, the daily revelation of the wonder of unity achieved through diversity.

You are invited to use the guided meditation on the Principle of Unanimity between 21 June and 20 August, when it will be available here.