Creative Meditation

Uses positive thoughts to build constructive solutions that cultivate goodwill and right relations
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‘We give birth to that on which we fix our mind.’


This involves the withdrawing of the awareness to an inner centre of silence achieved by relaxing the body, calming the emotions, then stilling and focusing the attentive mind.


This involves being fully attentive and present to that which is being considered.


For some visualisation comes easily; for others it seems to require real effort.  Visualisation is a powerful agent in the training of the creative imagination.

Reflective Meditation

Aligned with our inner centre of silence we raise our centre of awareness to the Soul, our reservoir of wisdom.  Holding this point of focus we commit to working with a chosen seed idea like ‘I am a living, loving, willing soul.’ Or to work with a chosen transformational quality, such as kindness, joy, loving understanding.  Eventually after considering all the familiar and known aspects of the chosen topic we will come to a point of blankness . . . .   Many give up at this point, but this ‘blankness’ bridges into Receptive or Contemplative Meditation . . .

Receptive or Contemplative Meditation

At this point of ‘empty stillness’ hold the mind focused and attentive.  Expect new ideas and understandings to come into the awareness. Recognition and inner expectation will over time offer new ideas and understandings on the chosen seed. It may take time for these insights, new ideas and intuitions to filter through into the mind.

Radiation and Blessing

Take these new ideas and insightful considerations that you have received and built in mental substance, radiate them out as a blessing to all of humanity.  Use your ability to visualise and see them being released into the thought climate of the world, send and share them so they can lift aid and inspire human awareness.

‘Ultimately, human history is nothing but the record of human thought.’