Dr. Roberto Assagioli is recognised as the father of psychosynthesis which is a soul infusing psychology that facilitates personal development whilst gradually harnessing innate vitality, potential and purpose. synthesis.

He was also responsible for creating the body of work that is known as The Group for Creative Meditation which is the spiritual transformational companion to psychosynthesis.

The Group for Creative Meditation is still available today. This meditation work enables the individual to introduce the sacred act of service into their daily lives. In this way, both individually as part of a subjective group, each of us participates in and contributes to the building of a more positive now and a more constructive tomorrow where the core values of the soul guide and influence society.

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Roberto Assagioli and Michal Eastcott in the library of SD House

At the beginning in 1953 Roberto Assagioli worked with two co-workers Michal Eastcott and Nancy Magor in developing the body of work known as The Group for Creative Meditation. During his annual six week stay at Sundial House in the UK, International Summer Conferences were held. Roberto Assagioli’s talks at these 1960’s & 1970’s meetings were recorded. A selection of these talks is now available as mp3’s and can be purchased from The Shop.

'Silence' - a talk given by Roberto Assagioli

Roberto Assagioli

‘A person who is able to be a living centre of peace in today’s world and who is able to radiate that peace powerfully, ceaselessly, will be in a position to give needy humankind the benefit it lacks most and is in greatest need of.’


"The Group for Creative Meditation – Another Roberto Assagioli Legacy" sets out the history, purpose and vision of this group endeavour. View or Download:

‘For love is the desire for the whole and the pursuit of the whole is called love.’