‘When we meditate. . . .we are joining on inner levels with others working for the same purpose. . . .the more we recognise this and tune into and work with the laws of the larger Life, the more serene and effective we become, and one of the most practical steps in this direction is creative meditation.’

A Guided Creative Meditation – An invitation to invest 5 minutes to promote more kindness worldwide

Each person is kind in their own way. Opportunities for kindness are all around us. All that is needed is for us to pay attention and to see these chances and then choose to cooperate with them or not. We just need to pay attention. Every small gesture of kindness is a gift with far reaching effects.

World Service and a Culture of Kindness leaflet download icon

‘Each day has its own identity, make of it what you will.’

A Guided Creative Meditation – An invitation to invest 5 minutes to support the work of all who serve humanity.

Worldwide there is a team of men and women of goodwill who are pioneers in every field of human endeavour. They are a diverse group of creative and inspirational people who use their thoughts, words and actions to bring light into darkness and lift the burden and suffering of others.

This ‘group of world servers’ needs our support. Thought, meditation, prayer, all build more than we know.

New Group of World Servers leaflet download icon

‘Co-workers! Builders! I summon you with Strength. I await you with Faith. I bless you with Love.’

A Guided Creative Meditation – Become a UN Delegate in Thought and contribute to its Worldwide work of service.

Become a UN delegate through thought by visiting the United Nations Meditation Room at a distance. This is a room of quiet where we can become delegates through thought. It is a room devoted to peace and to those who are giving their lives for peace. It is room of quiet where only thoughts speak.

UN Delegates leaflet download icon

‘A person who is able to be a living centre of peace in today’s world and who is able to radiate that peace powerfully, ceaselessly, will be in a position to give needy mankind the benefit it lacks most and is in greatest need of.’