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Sundial House Books

Entering Aquarius. £5.00      
The Seven Rays of Energy. £5.00      
Meditation & Rhythm of the Year. £5.00      
Jacob's Ladder. £5.00      
The Plan and The Path. £5.00      
The Spiritual Hierarchy of the World. £6.25      
The Significance of the Heart with Pain and Its Transforming Power. £3.75      
The Phenomenon of Death with There is only Life. £3.75      
Martha and Mary – A Study of Outer and Inner Action.By Dr. Roberto Assagioli £3.00      
The Work of the Master Djwhal Khul with Alice Bailey. £3.00      
How can we understand it all in one day? By Nancy Magor £5.00      

Sundial House Compilations

Invocation. Its Fundamentals and Principles by Michal J. Eastcott £5.00      
The Science and Service of Blessing by Dr. Roberto Assagioli £5.00      
Focus on Joy;  a compilation of notes, talks and articles of Dr. Roberto Assagioli £5.00      
The Enigma of Death;  a compilation from DK's writings & SDH papers £7.50      
Fear – Its Causes and the Overcoming of this Universal Problem;  a compilation from DK's writings £5.00      
The Gifts of the Heart;  from the writings of the Master Djwhal Khul £5.00      
Spiritual Approach at the Time of the Full Moon;  a comprehensive compilation from a variety of sources £7.50      
The Fire of the Spirit – Our Need for it Today;  from the writings of the Master Djwhal Khul £7.50      
Healing in the New Age -drawn from DK writings £8.50      
The Great Invocation - drawn from DK writings £7.50      
Basic Principles of Spiritual Orientation - drawn from DK writings £3.00      
Pack of 8 different Blessing Cards.  Illustrated by Nina O'Connell with prayers sourced from RA's book £5.00      

Other Books

The Silent Path by Michal J. Eastcott £5.95      
'I' The Story of The Self by Michal J. Eastcott £6.95      
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