The Six Natural Laws and Principles of the Soul

‘Lives are changed primarily by reflections;
qualities are developed by directed conscious thought;
characteristics are unfolded by brooding consideration.’

The Soul can be considered as consciousness, awareness and evolving sensitivity. The Soul is a reservoir of wisdom acquired through living life. Throughout life, on a daily basis we ‘learn by doing’ and it is in this way that we convert knowledge into wisdom.

A Principle can be considered to be an energy that redeems, heals and unifies. We notice and respond to it when it is present within relationships, for example, kindness.

Laws & Principles

The Principle or Quality

A principle is a quality that heals, makes good and unifies.
Goodwill is a quality that generates kindness and warmth.
Unanimity is group consciousness. It sets agreement and union of the Whole above the individual. Group culture so achieved is inclusive and transformative.
Essential Divinity is the extra living vitality that colours all our relationships revealing that we are all different and all the same, coming from the Oneness of Life.

The Law or Value

A law is a set of values which gives guidance and structure promoting well-being.
Right Human Relations create a climate of understanding and a commitment to wise outcomes.
Group Endeavour is the creative working together whereby use is made of mutual qualities. The ability to work with a common team purpose demonstrates the co-operation & interdependence of all.
Spiritual Approach is a gradual transforming process. Personal wisdom is acquired daily through all our relationships and experiences.

A Synthesis of Both

Relationships imbued with these laws and principles give rise to a considerate and inclusive society.
Responsibility & Respect I come to recognise that the other exists. As I act I take this into my considerations.
Unity through Diversity I am quality, the other is quality and we work together using our differences to co-create new solutions and wiser understanding.
Synthesis, Unity, Oneness I will to Be, I am, and I create in thought, word and deed. I am one amongst many and am part of a greater Whole.