The Six Natural Laws and Principles of the Soul

‘Lives are changed primarily by reflections;
qualities are developed by directed conscious thought;
characteristics are unfolded by brooding consideration.’

Eventually on our journey through life there comes a turning point. A point where we ask a fundamental question, the question goes something like: ‘Surely there is more to life than this?’ Whatever form this question takes, it is then we start to turn our attention from the material world around us and reflect on a new set of values with which to live by. For now we are searching to begin a relationship with our inner true essence, our Higher Self, our Soul.

This soul work that we are striving to undertake is actually a personal commitment to embody certain types of qualities e.g. kindness, compassion, loving understanding, tolerance, etc. Our personality gradually comes to resonate with these qualities and to radiate them into our surroundings. This transformational process is our service work to our self, friends and families, society and all of humanity.

You are invited to use the guided meditation on the law of Spiritual Approach between 21 August and 20 October, when it will be available here.