The Six Natural Laws and Principles of the Soul

‘Lives are changed primarily by reflections;
qualities are developed by directed conscious thought;
characteristics are unfolded by brooding consideration.’

I salute the Divinity within you.

The recollection of our essential divinity is aided by the use of this. If we use it regularly and with awareness of its spiritual meaning, it can help us remember to relate with each other as souls and not as personalities.

Namaskar can be used as a gentle and constant reminder of our essential divinity. It is especially useful when, for example, we are impatient, critical of ourselves or others, or when making new acquaintances and when at work. Practised with faith and dynamic intent, it helps to build the kind of inner attitude which gives rise to harmonious human relations.

Namaskar is also a way to develop and demonstrate daily the ability to function with an increasing awareness at two levels – that of the personality and that of the soul.

You are invited to use the guided meditation on the Principle of Essential Divinity between 21 October and 20 December, when it will be available here.